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My journey into what I do today started at the Academy of Art University, where I delved into Character Animation, honing my skills in visual storytelling and creativity.

Kindness and honesty are at the core of who I am. After a brief stint as an animator, I found myself at a crossroads in 2011. Unsure of my next steps, I grabbed the chance to help someone redesign their website from the ground up. This experience reignited my passion for helping others through my creative skills. Thus leading me into the realm of Web Design and Development. Here, I merged my artistic flair with digital innovation, crafting visually stunning and functional websites.

In 2017, after helping a couple more clients down the line, I hit another roadblock with traditional coding and Wordpress. I was frustrated with my skillset, as well as Wordpress and its limitations. I wanted to continue to use my creative skills, but I lost confidence in everything, and myself. I nearly gave up.

This changed when I stumbled upon Webflow. Inspired by a Ran Segall (Flux Academy) vlog, I was blown away by its power and efficiency in bringing designs to life without coding barriers.

Around 2019, I started networking and stumbled upon the Webflow livestreams, hosted by Nelson Abalos Jr.'s (Pixelgeek) as well as on his own youtube channel. Fast forward to 2021, I was blessed with the opportunity to work and be mentored by Nelson. I've learned a lot from him!

Today, in 2024, I'm still learning and growing while also contracting with Nymbl to polish my Webflow Development skills and connecting with others.

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