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Case Studies

Case Study

Fogs End Distillery, LLC

Responsive Design in Webflow

About the Company.

Fogs End Distillery is a multi-award winning distillery, located in the heart of the Salinas Valley.

Makers of Monterey Rye, California Moonshine, and a unique spirit where it puts the consumer in the role of the Artisan Distiller.


Simplify and clean up the User Experience, keep the design simple and let the products do most of the work.

The "Before"

Before I met with the owner, the Fogs End Distillery Website was not given much priority. Fogs End Distillery was hiring people who left them frustrated.

Their website at the time didnt reflect the brand statement of "Everything in Moderation except Excellence." very little imagery other than the main logo. It was hard to read, and not very engaging.

Wireframing/Visual Design.

I was very much excited to redesign their website, while this has gone through several iterations since 2011, the current one from 2019-2021 has been the most rewarding.

We decided that their products should be front and center, and should be doing most of the work in selling with less text and more imagery. With this website, I did a little bit of wireframing in Figma, but did majority of it within the Webflow platform.

Colors & Fonts

I chose colors that reflect the products.

The orange color served as the basis for headlines as that is close to the color Monterey Rye is (their multi Gold Medal winner).

"Fogs End" Orange
Dark Brown
Light Gray
Font Type

Avenir Std.

The "moderation." doesnt just apply to the products, it applies to everything from color to the font choice.

I chose it because its a fairly understated typeface, and makes reading extended text easier on the eyes.

"Everything in moderation except EXCELLENCE."

Collaboration and Webflow Development.

Fogs End Distillery and I collaborated on a design which would showcase the products and where to get them.

Webflow allowed me to produce a website quickly without impacting the live website.

I was able make changes dynmaically when working with the client on revisions in real time.

Mobile View

Live site.

Fogs End Distillery's redesign in Webflow was launched late 2020.

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