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02. About.

Created by Vets4Vets of Santa Cruz, SCVeteran Network is a website that offers a comprehensive look at resources and programs available to Veterans and their families residing in Santa Cruz County.

03. Challenge

Vets4Vets Santa Cruz and VSO Santa Cruz has been trying to get this project off the ground for several years but were met with dead end after dead end.

The goal is to build a website that would take the most critical resources from the VA, Calvet, etc and simplify it for the user, reduce the amount of mouse clicking, and searching.

I helped refine the basic user interface, Vets4Vets wanted the main page to be a series of buttons or tabs that allowed the user to access what they need to.

The subsequent pages will have a similar look with buttons which reveal more information upon clicking.

04. Wireframes

05. Visual Design

We collaborated on ways to create a space for users to find important resources such as Benefits without having to spend all day searching for it.

The final decision was to create buttons that users can click on and it opens up to more information and links or videos if needed.

While this was a huge undertaking, and utilizing the Webflow CMS was the ideal way to organize it. Here's a few examples.

Colors & Fonts

Dark Slate Blue
Dark Blue
Slate Blue
Dark Goldenrod
Midnight Blue
Light Gray
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