Photo of me in a Webflow hoodie standing 1000 ft in Yosemite National Park.

I've always had a passion for the creative industry, from animation to design.  I love to explore and I've been blessed to translate that curiosity into a career. I also found a passion to help people tell their story.

Speaking of stories, here's a little story about how I got into web design and Webflow development.

May 2010

I graduated the Academy of Art University School of Animation with a BFA in Character Animation.

Here we go! Time to start animating!

April 2011

Coming off a 5-week contract with a small animation company, I was trying to figure out what my next steps were.

The next steps seemed to have found me when I was given an opportunity to help redesign a website for a local specialty spirits distillery.

I was skeptical of my web skills, I only knew a bit of HTML at this point (think the days of Geocities). I was an animator, not a Web Designer! Should I do this? I don't know what I'm doing!

I had zero experience with styling with CSS at all, but I went for it anyway. I spent my weekends learning how to do CSS, and I kept building and building. Wow this is awesome, and I can do this for a living?!


By this time, I've had a couple clients under my belt, but I felt like I was starting to hit the ceiling. I realized I didn't like to code, but I want to see my designs come to life in a well structured website.

I was searching for an easier way to design and have better control of my code, Dreamweaver wasn't really it, and Wordpress wasn't it either.

I was discouraged, I started doubting myself and lost confidence and interest in Web Design.

Then I discovered Ran Segall's youtube channel, and saw him designing with Webflow. I was intrigued. "What is Webflow?" I thought, is this even for real?

Like with learning CSS, I went for it, I jumped in head first and wow amazing! I think found my answer....Let's Do this!

Logo for Webflow
2018 -???

My career is still evolving, and thats a great thing!

I've been able to do things like teach others what I've learned through Webflow, and I've learned a lot from others too!

Webflow has given me the confidence to build great websites, and I am constantly learning and look forward to what the future brings! Let's do this!

My Core Values.

Be kind, be honest.

Nothing is perfect, no strategy, no person. However when we work together, I will be as honest as I can humanly be every step of the way from beginning to end. This is the #1 way I can show kindness.

Learn from others, and do it with empathy.

I'm here to listen, and learn from you. I want to understand your goals for your business. I also believe that learning from others is a great way to build experience, and confidence. Let's learn together!

Lead from example, and serve others.

I found that the best way to lead is by serving others. Empowering them to do their best work allows me to do my best work as well! I strive for this everyday. No ego trips here!